Watching Out: Slip and Fall Safety

by Jackson Bonetti, on Oct 13, 2017 10:54:00 AM

At almost all workplaces, from restaurants to industrial fabrication, slips and falls can be a serious safety hazard. Like myself and 42,000 other Canadians yearly, I'm sure many of you have slipped, hopefully without causing serious harm to yourself. The CCOHS outlines 4 ways to reduce the chances of slips, trips and falls in the workplace:

1) Housekeeping 2) Walking surfaces 3) Footwear and 4) Walking



  • Clean spills and mark the areas where they happened immediatelySlip-and-Fall-Safety
  • Keep floor free of debris
  • Keep walkways clean and free of clutter
  • Secure carpets and rugs to the ground
  • Keep cabinets closed
  • Cover cables if they are in walking paths
  • Keep walking areas well lit

Walking Surfaces

  • Modify walking areas to to provide secure footing 
  • Replace or re-coat old floors
  • Installing resilient, non-slip flooring to reduce foot fatigue


  • Check with footwear manufacturers to see what products are best for your workplace
  • Make sure that your footwear fits properly and comfortably to reduce foot fatigue


  • Pay attention to where you are walking to avoid wet flooring
  • Don't rush, walk at a pace that is suitable for the walking surface you are on
  • Make wide turns to avoid collisions
  • Ensure that if you are carrying something, it does not obstruct your view


Hopefully this article will help keep you safe from slips and falls! for more information go to:

Stay safe Irwinners!


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