Fire Safety Training 


Empowering Individuals and Organizations with Essential Fire Prevention and Response Skills

Whether at home, in educational settings, or across various workplaces, being equipped with the knowledge and skills to prevent, manage, and respond to emergencies is essential. Irwin's tailored fire training courses are designed to offer a range of specialized programs that ensure individuals and organizations are prepared for any emergency scenario.


Irwin's Fire Safety Courses

Our Fire Extinguisher and Spark Watch course focuses on the essentials of fire extinguisher use through practical, hands-on training. Delivered in a live or simulated controlled environment, this course can be customized to suit the unique requirements of any setting, from schools and offices to residential spaces, making it universally applicable and invaluable for everyday safety.

The HAZMAT Incident Command course is an essential program for emergency services personnel, focusing on the assessment, management, and coordination of hazardous materials incidents. Trainees learn to navigate the complexities of hazmat response, including developing effective communication lines within command structures and with external agencies, ensuring a comprehensive and coordinated approach to incident management.

For those new to emergency response frameworks, the Incident Command System (ICS) 100 course provides an essential introduction to the Incident Command System. Covering command structures, the chain-of-command, and span-of-control, it lays the foundational knowledge necessary for effective incident management.

Our HAZMAT Awareness and Operations courses are geared towards first responders and those involved in emergency services. These programs equip trainees with the skills to recognize hazardous materials, secure areas, and respond effectively using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), preparing them to tackle hazmat situations and environmental disasters confidently.

Finally, the HAZMAT Technician training is designed for those seeking to specialize further in hazardous materials response. This advanced course covers risk analysis, containment, decontamination, and response planning for complex hazmat and WMD situations, ensuring trainees are thoroughly prepared to handle the intricacies of such emergencies.

Each of our fire training courses is delivered with a commitment to safety, preparedness, and the highest standards of training excellence. We invite you to join us in creating safer communities and workplaces through comprehensive fire safety and HAZMAT training.


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