Wildfire Safety Training 


Empowering the Frontline: Advanced Wildfire Firefighting Training Programs

Irwin's comprehensive suite of Emergency Services Training courses equips wildfire firefighters with the essential knowledge, techniques, and certifications required to confront these natural disasters head-on. With a focus on safety, communication, and effective suppression tactics, our programs are designed to build a resilient and proficient firefighting force ready to protect communities and natural resources from the threat of wildfires.


Irwin's Wildfire Courses

The S-100 Fire Suppression course serves as the cornerstone of our wildfire firefighting training, offering a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of fire suppression without any prerequisites other than physical fitness and basic safety awareness through WHMIS 2015. This foundational course is crucial for anyone aspiring to join the ranks of wildfire firefighters.

Building on this foundation, the S-185 Fire Entrapment Avoidance course introduces advanced strategies for navigating and surviving the most perilous situations on the fire line. Recommended for all wildfire firefighters and required for those under contract with specific governmental agencies, this course emphasizes the critical skills needed for safe and effective firefighting operations, with S-100 Fire Suppression as a prerequisite.

For those involved in the operational aspects of wildfire firefighting, the S-212 Fire Communications course is indispensable. Focused on the unique challenges of communicating in the high-stakes environment of wildfire emergencies, this course prepares firefighters and dispatchers to efficiently use two-way radios and other communication tools vital for coordinating suppression efforts and ensuring the safety of all personnel involved.

Together, these courses provide a comprehensive training framework for anyone looking to pursue a career in wildfire firefighting. By ensuring proficiency in suppression techniques, safety protocols, and communication skills, we prepare our trainees to face the complexities of wildfire emergencies with confidence and competence, thereby safeguarding our communities and natural landscapes.

Fire Safety Training