Irwin’s Safety Expands into Northern Alberta

by admin, on Nov 27, 2014 9:00:00 PM

The changing need for safety training services as well as technical services has grown within the past couple of years, especially in Northern Alberta, where the oil sands lie.

With existing Irwin’s Safety offices in Calgary, Alberta and Kelowna, British Columbia an expansion into Northern Alberta will make Irwin’s Safety much more accessible in terms of safety and technical services.

Irwin’s Safety has expanded to the Peace River and High Level regions of Northern Alberta through operations of Audits & Safety Services. This new expansion is representative of Irwin’s growth strategy, which has allowed the company to further break into Alberta’s lucrative oil and gas market.

Irwin’s Safety welcomes new staff members from Audits & Safety Services and look forward to collaborating with them and becoming a part of the community. Audits & Safety Services have built a foundation of successful business operations over the past 12 years, and Irwin’s Safety looks forward to building and growing with them, adding Irwin’s quality and standards for a more involved training experience.

If you have questions about safety courses either online or in-class please contact us or view the course calendar

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