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Occupational Health and Safety Services in High Level 

Ensuring a safe and healthy working environment is crucial for all businesses in the High Level and surrounding areas. Adhering to occupational health and safety (OHS) guidelines and best practices reduces injuries, accidents, and illnesses in the workplace. This results in increased productivity and employee satisfaction. 

At Irwin's Safety, we are committed to working with local businesses to implement comprehensive OHS programs and provide specialized services. With years of experience serving industries like oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, and construction, we have the expertise to address workplace safety issues and help create a culture focused on injury and illness prevention. 

High level Safety Services

OHS Consulting 

Our team of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals can audit your existing policies and procedures to identify any gaps or areas for improvement. We evaluate everything from safe work practices to emergency response plans. This includes: 

  • Risk assessments - We systematically evaluate hazards in your workplace to determine proper ways to control risks. This prevents minor issues from becoming major incidents. 
  • Incident investigations - We have the skills to thoroughly examine workplace incidents to find the root causes. This leads to corrective actions to stop repeat issues. 
  • Creation of safety programs and plans - We develop comprehensive documentation like occupational health and safety policies, safe operating procedures, contractor safety requirements, and more. 

Thorough OHS consulting services allow us to provide expert recommendations so you can achieve legal compliance, Certification, and ultimately a healthy workplace culture focused on safety. 

Turnaround and Rescue Labour Support 

During periodic maintenance turnarounds or emergencies, we supply competent safety watchers, and dedicated safety professionals to monitor work and rescue teams. This ensures: 

  • Employees are safe when performing high-risk tasks 
  • OHS requirements are continually upheld 
  • Safe work practices are enforced 
  • Quick response in the event of an emergency 

With our extensive recruitment network, we can mobilize qualified personnel rapidly. This allows you to focus on critical tasks while we handle all safety considerations. 

Safety Training 

We offer a broad range of safety training courses to educate employees and align their skills with industry-proven safe work methods. Training options include: 

  • in-class courses
  • online courses
  • blended programs 
  • training cohorts 
  • custom course development

Occupational Testing 

Leveraging best practices for drug and alcohol testing, we handle all sample collections, analysis at certified labs, and result reporting. This gives you insights to make informed staffing decisions. 

Equipment Rentals/Sales 

To supplement your safety resources, we provide short-term rentals or sales of key items like: 

  • Gas detectors and monitors 
  • Confined Space Equipment
  • Fall Protection Equipment
  • First aid kits
  • PPE
  • Radios

Trusted High Level Experts in Occupational Health & Safety 

Irwin's Safety is dedicated to offering a wide range of occupational health and safety services that employers at the High Level require. Backed by our experienced team, we have the capabilities to address diverse workplace hazards, risks, training needs, and more. 

With our localized expertise, we can customize our offerings to match your industry while leveraging industry best practices that apply across sectors like oil/gas, construction, and beyond. Contact Irwin's Safety today to discuss your unique OHS challenges so we can tailor a program that enhances safety at your organization. 


Rescue Labour Support Protecting Workers in High Level 

At Irwin's Safety, we understand the importance of being prepared for emergency rescue situations to ensure the safety of workers in High Level's industrial worksites. Our technical rescue services provide the specialized equipment, adequate training, and qualified rescue personnel required to conduct safe and effective rescue operations. 

Assessing Hazards and Developing Rescue Plans 

The first critical step is conducting thorough hazard assessments and risk assessments of worksites to identify potential rescue scenarios. This allows us to collaborate with site managers to establish proper rescue procedures, and site-specific rescue plans, and assemble the necessary wide range of protective equipment and gear. Effectively identifying hazards and planning an appropriate rescue response is key to ensuring the prompt and safe rescue of any injured workers. 

Training and Equipment for Safe Rescues 

When lives are at stake, rescue workers need specialized technical rescue training to meet CSA Standards and follow established safe work procedures. Our Rope Rescue Technicians complete rigorous training programs to conduct safe rescues of workers from confined spaces, ropes, scaffolds, machinery, trenches, and other hazardous situations. We also provide the essential protective equipment rescue teams need - harnesses, ropes, mechanical advantage systems, lifts, litter, and more. 

Rescue Services Covering High Level Industrial Worksites 

Irwin's Safety offers the full spectrum of technical rescue services required for industrial worksites across High Level and Northern Alberta regions: 

  • Confined Space Rescues: Training and equipment for safe entry rescues from restricted spaces like tanks, vessels, silos, etc. 
  • Rope and High Angle Rescues: Safely access and retrieve injured workers from heights using rope systems. 
  • Hazardous Materials Response: Secure rescue scenes and safely extract patients exposed to hazardous substances. 
  • Trench and Excavation Rescues: Safely shoring and victim removal from excavation cave-ins. 

Partnering for Worker Safety 

By partnering with Irwin's Safety for Rescue services, site owners and managers can be assured there are proper controls for all identified risks that may cause harm to workers in High-Level industrial facilities. In the unfortunate event of an incident requiring rescue, our technical rescue team can rapidly respond to undertake the rescue operation while minimizing undue risk to rescue personnel. 

Contact our safety experts today to discuss developing customized confined space, rope access, and emergency response plans for your High-Level worksites to prioritize the safety of workers. Because when an accident happens, response time and preparedness are everything. 

Detailed Assesment

OHS Consulting Services in High Level 

Your Partner in Workplace Safety 

At Irwin's Safety, we offer a wide range of safety consulting services to help companies in High Level and surrounding areas build effective safety programs. As an experienced team of certified safety professionals, we partner with you to promote occupational health and reduce workplace hazards. 

Our Range of OHS Services 

We provide a wide range of safety consulting services to meet your unique needs: 

  • Safety Program Development: We create customized OHS Safety Programs & Manuals aligned with industry standards and regulatory requirements. This includes conducting risk assessments, developing action plans, and establishing safety goals. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: We ensure you meet all legislative requirements for Workplace Safety and regulatory compliance. This includes staying updated on the latest safety laws. 
  • Safety Audits: Our experienced safety professionals conduct comprehensive audits to identify gaps in your existing safety practices and provide an advanced hazard analysis. 

No matter your industry - whether it's construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, or beyond - we have the expertise to meet your OHS needs. 

Promoting a Positive Safety Culture 

Our consulting services not only aim to prevent occupational injuries and workplace injuries but also to promote a positive safety culture at your organization. This includes: 

  • Working to reduce worker exposure to hazards 
  • Conducting ongoing analyses to improve safety performance 
  • Providing recommendations to encourage safe behaviors 
  • Offering custom tools to increase employee engagement in safety 

We become deeply integrated in your operations to serve as an extension of your team. Our goal is to instill safety as a core value at every level of your organization. 

Partner With Our OHS Consultants 

Our experts take the time to thoroughly understand your business and safety goals before making recommendations. To learn more about our occupational health and safety services, contact us online today. Let's work together to make your workplace safer. 


Turnaround Support in High Level 

Here at Irwin's Safety, we understand the unique challenges owners and managers face during turnaround events at industrial facilities. Conducting a major shutdown to perform essential maintenance requires careful planning, execution, and oversight to ensure a safe, efficient, and timely turnaround. 

That's why we offer a wide variety of turnaround services to provide experienced, short-term turnaround support staff that can augment your existing teams during these critical turnaround events. With our extensive experience and resources for turnaround planning and turnaround management, we simplify the process so you can focus on the job at hand. 

Focus Where It Matters 

By leveraging our commitment to safety and industry best practices for turnarounds, we allow you to focus your resources on the work that generates revenue - the maintenance and mechanical activities that necessitate the turnaround. 

We will handle everything else including: 

  • Detailed risk assessments examining all aspects of the turnaround 
  • Crafting comprehensive turnaround safety policies and procedures 
  • Developing and implementing safety management plans 
  • Providing Turnaround Labour
  • Supplying necessary safety gear and equipment 
  • Providing experienced, qualified staff to fill key turnaround support roles 
  • Performing safety oversight throughout the turnaround event 

Delivering Successful Turnarounds 

With an expert turnaround team from Irwin's Safety overseeing safety and coordination, you can feel confident in achieving your goals for an efficient, safe, and successful turnaround. We strive to deliver successful turnarounds that protect your assets and allow you to return to profitable operations as quickly as possible. 

Our teams have supported major turnaround events across Western Canada including facilities in oil & gas, petrochemicals, power generation, mining, forestry, and more. 

Contact Irwin's Safety today!



Regardless of your safety needs as a growing business, established company, or large-scale corporation, IRWIN'S SAFETY is ready to team up with you to generate incredible results. From Emergency Response Planning to achieving COR certification, we've got you covered. If it is safety related, you can be certain we do it.

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