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Occupational Health & Safety Services in Peace River 

Occupational health and safety are crucial for all workplaces to ensure the well-being and protection of employees. At Irwin's Safety, we offer a wide range of occupational health and safety services for industries in the Peace River area to help companies meet safety compliance and regulatory requirements, foster a culture of safety, and keep their workers safe. 


Our Safety Services 

OHS Consulting 

Our team of accredited Canadian Registered Safety Professionals act as your workplace safety experts. We provide safety consulting on improving safety practices, ensuring regulatory compliance, and developing robust risk management plans. 

Safety Training 

We offer a broad range of safety training programs from basic orientation to specialized courses in confined space entry, fall protection, lockout/tagout, transportation of dangerous goods, and more. Our courses aim to educate all workplace parties on safety laws and empower them to contribute to a culture of safety. 

Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Testing

We conduct baseline and ongoing occupational health testing and monitoring such as audiometric testing, fit testing, air quality testing, noise level surveys, mold detection, drug & alcohol testing, and more. This allows you to identify and control workplace hazards. 

Additional Services 

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced safety professionals delivers a customized combination of the above services to meet the unique needs of your workplace. This enables you to keep your employees safe, meet safety compliance obligations, avoid penalties and prosecutions, reduce injuries and incidents, and foster a culture of safety at your organization. 

Contact Irwin's Safety today for all your occupational health and safety needs in the Peace River region. Our safety advisors will conduct a thorough evaluation of your current program and provide recommendations on improving safety at your workplace. 


Turnaround Support in Peace River 

At Irwin's Safety, we understand the intricacies of executing industrial turnarounds in Alberta's Peace River region. With extensive experience providing turnaround planning and Turnaround Services across Northern Alberta, our team of turnaround professionals and safety experts has supported numerous oil & gas, forestry, and pipeline clients through safe and efficient industrial turnarounds in the Peace region.

From equipment rentals to Confined Space rescue services, we offer a wide variety of services tailored to the unique needs of Peace River turnarounds. With proven success guiding local clients like Shell, Canadian Natural, and Pembina through complex projects, we have the experience to simplify your next shutdown or outage. 

Tailored Services for Peace River Turnarounds 

From our local office in Peace River, our team provides customized Turnaround Solutions to meet the unique needs of Northern Alberta's industrial operators. We understand the intricacies of turnarounds in this region and have the experience to navigate them successfully. Our Peace River services include: 

  • Specialized Equipment - Our Peace River yard allows us to stock specialized rental equipment to meet unique regional requirements, from muskeg shields to extreme climate accessories. 
  • Emergency Response - We offer specialized space rescue team capabilities for the remote locations common in the Peace region. 
  • Localized Teams - Our Peace River office allows us to supply turnarounds with Alberta-based professionals, minimizing travel and housing logistics. 

Trusted Regional Experience 

When choosing a turnaround provider for your Peace River facility, partner with a team that has proven experience in successfully executing complex projects in Northern Alberta's unique operating environment. Our team has safely and efficiently managed turnarounds across the Peace region for over a decade.

Simplify Your Next Turnaround 

Don't leave your next Peace River turnaround to chance - trust the proven regional experts at Irwin's Safety. Contact our Peace River office today to discuss your upcoming projects and how we can simply execute them while optimizing safety and efficiency. 

Detailed Assesment

OHS Consulting in Peace River 

At Irwin's Safety, we understand the critical importance of workplace health and safety for companies in Peace River and surrounding regions. We are committed to working with you to develop comprehensive occupational health and safety (OHS) programs that protect your most valuable asset - your employees. 

As an experienced safety consulting firm serving the mining, oil & gas, power generation, petrochemicals, industrial, and manufacturing sectors for over 10 years, we have the expertise to guide companies in Peace River to OHS excellence. Our team of qualified safety specialists conducts thorough workplace safety inspections, provides effective safety training, assists with regulatory compliance, and helps instill a positive safety culture across your organization. 

Our OHS Consulting Services 

Irwin's Safety provides the following safety consulting services to clients in Peace River and its environs: 

Safety Program Development 

  • Review existing policies, procedures, and systems 
  • Identify safety hazards and compliance gaps 
  • Create or upgrade safety programs
  • Cover key risk areas including hazard assessment, emergency response, PPE, training, inspections, incident reporting, and investigations 

OHS Training 

  • Provide engaging general and job-specific safety training sessions 
  • Tailor training to address workplace risks and compliance needs 
  • Offer courses on safe work procedures, WHMIS, first aid, fall protection, confined space entry, and more 
  • Verify personnel comprehension and support long-term retention 

OHS Audits and Inspections 

  • Perform wall-to-wall audits assessing OHS system effectiveness 
  • Conduct routine facility safety inspections identifying current safety issues 
  • Determine areas requiring improvement and provide detailed recommendations 
  • Verify resolution of identified non-compliances 

Why Irwin's Safety? 

When you partner with Irwin's Safety for your OHS consulting and services in Peace River, you get: 

  • Industry-specific safety experts with years of combined experience 
  • Knowledge of the latest regulations, codes, and best practices 
  • Focus on building a positive safety culture and deeply embedded safety values 
  • Proactive support and advisory services 
  • Customizable solutions scaled to your unique operations and risks 

With our experienced team of senior safety advisors overseeing each project, you can feel confident entrusting your OHS responsibilities to Irwin's Safety. 


Confined Space and High Angle Rescue Services in Peace River 

Entering confined spaces or working at heights poses risks. Hazardous substances or lack of oxygen can injure workers. Improper use of equipment may also cause harm. Irwin’s Safety provides technical rescue services and specialized equipment to prevent undue risk. 

The Risks of Working at Heights 

Working at heights poses serious and potentially life-threatening risks. These jobs have immense dangers that must be controlled. For instance, workers risk: 

  • Falling from platforms lacking proper guardrails 
  • Tripping on steep-pitched roofs without anchors for fall arrest 
  • Losing balance due to strong winds at height 
  • Getting electrocuted from overhead power lines 

We've also seen injuries from: 

  • Ladder collapses or tips 
  • Scaffolding collapses under excess loading 
  • Failure of faulty ropes, slings, or hoisting apparatus 

Without safety controls, falls from elevation can lead to death or permanent disability from traumatic injury. 

Specialized Rescue Services for Confined Spaces and Height Work 

Working in confined spaces or at heights can be extremely hazardous. At Irwin's Safety, we have specialized capabilities for confined space rescue, high-angle rescue, and rope rescue. Our team of Rope Rescue Technicians responds rapidly to emergencies. 

  • Confined Space Rescue: Before entering a confined space, we conduct atmospheric testing for oxygen levels, flammable gases, and toxic air contaminants. We establish proper ventilation and monitoring. Our technicians use specialized equipment for patient access, packaging, and vertical retrieval from spaces with limited egress. 
  • High Angle Rope Rescue: For jobs involving heights, we rigorously inspect and install certified anchor points and horizontal lifelines. We enforce the proper use of fall arrest, travel restraint, and retrieval systems. Our rope rescue technicians are trained in steep angle raising/lowering and aerial extraction of injured workers. 
  • Rope Access and Retrieval: We establish rope systems for access and egress. All ropes, harnesses, hardware, and equipment meet the required safety factors. We plan for rapid deployment of vertical lift lines, belay lines, and backup systems. The health of ropes and gear is closely monitored and maintained. 

Qualified Rope Rescue Technicians 

Our rope rescue technicians maintain advanced certifications. We meet competencies for: 

  • Establishing high-point anchors 
  • Patient packaging/litter attaches 
  • Belay and lowering systems operations 
  • Pickoff rescues 
  • Ladder rescues 

The Safety of Workers Is Our Priority 

At Irwin's Safety, we take every precaution to protect workers in hazardous environments. Our Rope Rescue Technicians have extensive training to conduct safe and effective confined space and high-angle rescues. 

Contact us to discuss your technical rescue service needs. We serve Peace River and beyond. 



Regardless of your safety needs as a growing business, established company, or large-scale corporation, IRWIN'S SAFETY is ready to team up with you to generate incredible results. From Emergency Response Planning to achieving COR certification, we've got you covered. If it is safety related, you can be certain we do it.

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