Drug & Alcohol Testing in Prince George

Drug and alcohol testing in Prince George is a crucial service for promoting safety, compliance, and health within the community. Iriwn's offers comprehensive drug testing solutions for pre-employment screening, workplace safety programs, legal requirements, and substance abuse rehabilitation monitoring. Committed to accuracy and confidentiality, our expert team ensures timely and precise results, helping to maintain a safe and healthy environment in Prince George.

Irwin's Rapid Drug Testing in Prince George

Complete Urinalysis in Prince George

Irwin's Safety is dedicated to addressing the needs of businesses, healthcare providers, and individuals alike. Our urinalysis testing effectively detects a variety of substances, delivering prompt and reliable results. Whether it's for pre-employment screenings, regular health check-ups, or legal compliance, our Prince George location offers professional urinalysis services. 

Urinalysis Prince George

Alcohol Swab Test

At Irwin's Safety in Prince George, we offer alcohol swab testing which detects recent alcohol use. A swab test involves using a sterile swab, which is used to sample the inside of the mouth to analyze alcohol content. We then promptly deliver test results to the employer or individual taking the test. 

Alcohol Swab test Prince George


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