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IRWIN'S Service Advantage

Establishing a safe working environment is an important step in ensuring any company’s success. Keeping employees safe, maintaining legislative compliance, and developing best practices brings merit to any organization. However, if you would like to create a high standard in safety, and ensure that your workers' risks are minimized, bringing in a professional is a must.



IRWIN'S Safety is proud to offer safety consulting through our team of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP). With extensive industry training and experience, each team member can meet the demands of our clients, while providing the highest possible understanding of health & safety in the workplace.

As companies mature and grow, the importance of continually developing a comprehensive health and safety manual is key. One of our safety consultants can create your entire safety program and hand you a finished product for your organization.

We understand the value that is placed on trusting an outside party to create change in your growing business. Our safety consultants take great pride in their work and will always deliver effective results, exceeding our clients' expectations. With our added value approach, IRWIN'S Safety will always deliver top of the line services whether it be industrial shutdowns, training, or safety consulting.

When you work with one of IRWIN'S safety consultants they will ensure you stay on top of legislative requirements and remain compliant. Unnecessary risk can be extremely costly, but our action plans often drastically reduce or eliminate your overall risk of operation. Your people are your greatest assets in any business structure, and we are here to help you protect them.

Regardless of your safety needs as a growing business, established company, or large-scale corporation, we are here to produce incredible results for you. From Emergency Response Planning to achieving COR certification, we've got you covered. If it is safety related, you can be certain we can do it.

Rope and Rescue


IRWIN'S Rope Access technicians are affordable and versatile because we cross-train in a wide range of skill sets and train locally to reduce transportation and accommodation costs.

Our rope access technicians have 4-5 years of experience and are cross-trained in multiple disciplines from first aid and fire rescue to electrical work, welding, window-washing and much more. There is a major value-added proposition in hiring rope access technicians as it saves money on scaffolding, aerial lifts, and other means of accessing at-heights work spaces.

Whatever your rescue needs, take advantage of IRWIN'S. We can provide skilled rescue operators for any environment, including high-angle rope rescue, confined space rescue and more to assist with emergency preparedness on your worksite.

Our certified rescue technicians are trained to perform both high angle rope rescue and confined space rescue. They can also perform wilderness and cave rescue, mine rescue, search and rescue, and even hazmat operations in hazardous rescue situations.

IRWIN'S Safety is ready to assist with all your rescue needs!

Industrial Labour and Cleaning

Whether you’re simply looking for skilled workers to staff a project or looking to bring in a contractor to assist you, IRWIN'S is your solution. IRWIN'S provides skilled labourers on-site to directly service your industrial cleaning, maintenance and hazard abatement needs.

Our top-notch maintenance professionals have 4-5 years of experience in industrial cleaning and maintenance

Partner with IRWIN'S Safety for all your industrial labour and cleaning needs!

Turnarounds & Shutdowns 

Whether you’re simply looking to staff a turnaround or shutdown, or you would like to analyze turnaround efficiency and improve processes, take advantage of IRWIN'S. Our safety experts have completed turnarounds in a number of industries, including pulp and paper, oil and gas, mining, power generation, sawmills, and more, and our Turnaround Services offer an all-encompassing safety solution to help you staff, manage and optimize your turnarounds and shutdowns.

IRWIN'S Safety brings years of field tested turnaround and shutdown expertise!

Industrial Fire Fighting

If you or your project needs direct access to on-call firefighters, we can deploy teams of industrial firefighters trained to NFPA standards to provide services on either a short-term (project-based) or long-term (regular service) basis. These firefighters are typically positioned closer to your worksite than the nearest fire station and specifically equipped to deal with workplace incidents. In addition to combating various types of fires, our industrial firefighters can also perform rescue and hazardous materials operations.

Our industrial firefighters are all NFPA-certified. These certifications may include NFPA 1001 (Structural Firefighting); NFPA 1006 (Technical Rescue); and NFPA 472 (Hazardous Materials).

IRWIN'S Safety delivers professional industrial firefighting services!

Medical Services 

In industrial settings, where jobs are often high-risk and remote and emergency services may not be readily accessible, it is paramount to ensure medical supplies and personnel meet legal requirements. While specific requirements may vary depending on jurisdiction as well as your worksite’s size, hazard level and distance from emergency services, most worksites further than 20 minutes from a hospital require at least one first-aider on-site, and large, high-risk, or highly remote worksites may require on-site emergency responders as well.

Whatever your on-site medical needs, take advantage of IRWIN'S!

Our top-notch medical services team can help you through the entire process of understanding and meeting medical regulations, from assessments to emergency response:

  • Our first aid assessments analyze the size, location, and hazard level of your workplace in order to determine first aid requirements
  • Our medical equipment includes fully stocked mobile treatment centers and first aid materials to restock extant emergency transport vehicles or first aid rooms
  • Our on-site medical personnel include Level 3 Occupational First Aid Attendants and emergency medical responders as required

Rely on IRWIN'S Safety for all your on-site medical needs!

Loss Prevention Services 

Whatever your site security needs, take advantage of IRWIN'S. We can offer loss-prevention services at a reduced rate.

All worksites need to be protected against theft, trespassing and other forms of compromise, but hiring professional security officers can be expensive and is not always necessary on private property where a security ticket is not required. IRWIN'S can provide security staffing or train local workers in loss-prevention to help you secure your site at a cost-effective rate.

IRWIN'S Safety stands ready to deliver loss prevention knowhow!

“Colony is a growing construction company. We recognize that in order to continue growing, our people and our methods need continual development. This is particularly vital when it comes to safety. We stumbled along between half a dozen inadequate safety consultants before finally being introduced to Irwin’s Industrial Safety. Where our previous consultants let us down, the team at Irwin’s continues to deliver impeccably for us on all fronts. Kyle, John, and the rest of the Irwin’s people impress us time and time again with their ability to act at a moment’s notice by providing us with top notch personnel, accurate information, and comprehensive training. This allows Colony to focus on what we do best… constructing buildings safely and efficiently. Irwin’s will continue to be our partner and an essential part of our growth strategy moving forward."

JESSE ATKINSON | Vice President
Colony Buildings, Surrey BC




At Irwin’s our passion is people. As a small, versatile company in the field of major industry, we offer a service-based approach which caters to specific organizational needs and offers professional strategies for managing projects better. Our mission is to form partnerships and leverage our safety expertise to create long-lasting industrial solutions that save money, keep workers safe, and ensure best practices.

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